Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer 2013 - Research @ Wofford & Amherst

This summer we are starting our collaborative joint research projects with students working in the Pittman Lab at Wofford College and the Baird Lab at Amherst. Stay tuned for updates on the activity in each laboratory!  - Dr. Pittman

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Unknown said...

Amherst Massachusetts is a beautiful place. Currently this summer I have learned how to do a new stereotaxic surgery in which a cannula is placed into the 3rd Ventricle of rats. This surgery is easier than the dual-PBN surgery that we have worked with since January, but soon I will be doing a 3V-dual-PBN cannula surgery and combine the two. I have spent the summer reading many primary literature articles about GABA-a agonists and antagonists to try to find a dosage concentration to use for my 3V rats. I learned how to do an ANG-2 brain injection test to determine 3V cannula placement without histology and am now currently running 19 rats with two different GABA-a agonists.We are currently testing 1nM, 10nM and 100nM drug dosages for boht of our agonists. We have not begun any work with the antagonists yet. Tomorrow will be day two of injections with the agonists so results will be posted soon. When I am not in the lab I have been exploring neighboring new England towns, going to concerts, six flags, and I even crashed a wedding. I hope everyone at Wofford is enjoying their summer.