Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hello! My name is Deep Sangani, and I am one of the student researchers working with Dr. Dave Pittman this summer. I am a rising senior majoring in chemistry and biology.

Originally, I am from Loris, South Carolina and am currently applying to medical schools. Fun fact: I'm going to be blogging for you this summer!

Now let me introduce the rest of the student researchers!

This is Jayce O'Shields. He is from Pearl, Mississippi and will be a Junior in the fall. He is a biology and humanities major with a concentration in gender studies. He has plans to go to medical school and plans to pursue a career in family medicine, oncology, or cardiology with the hopes of working as a general physician abroad with the Peace Corps. He enjoys researching personal genealogy and reading Dan Brown novels.

This is Savanah Atkins! She is from Sumter, South Carolina and will be a sophomore. She is currently choosing between biology and psychology and wants to go into forensics as a career. She has been working with Dr. Pittman since January and loves watching Intervention. Fun fact: She is the number one painter in SC in 2010 (fancy!)

Together we will keep you posted on all of our research activities for the summer. Until next time!

- Deep

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